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Specialist in Check Fraud, ID Theft, Contractor Fraud & Internet Fraud

As a police officer and crime scene investigator for over 38 years. I have seen check fraud, ID theft, and internet fraud become the #1 crimes in America.

Since then new crimes such as phone scams, fraud against the elderly, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) fraud have emerged and are new form of attack against consumers and businesses

Abernathy Investigative Group LLC was founded to fight back for consumers and businesses in ways they cannot fight for themselves.

You are victimized because the bad guys think you are unable to do anything about it. We realize that in many cases this is true.We have the knowledge and ability to go after those who take advantage of you.

We have accepted the assignment and want to be there for you. Our mission is to find those who did this to you and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Our mission

  •  Protect you from ID Theft and other types of fraud and prosecute the offender by educating consumers and businesses to the methods and how to prevent them
  • Protect your property and valuables with our property documentation service
  • Investigate and prosecute contractors who have ripped you off and prevent this from happening in the future
  • Investigate incidents of fraud against the elderly and protect them from future incidents
  • Provide products that protect you from from RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) fraud. This crime takes information from your debit and credit cards, passports, Identification,and cell phone and uses it to commit fraud and clean out your bank accounts
  • Provide personal and business checks that prevent fraud along with positive pay to protect your corporate accounts
  • Provide Federal Trade Commission Red Flag Rule Compliance services for affected businesses
  • Provide a fraud prevention system that prevents losses to businesses from fraud

 Please view our website and e-mail us with any fraud investigations, training requests or concerns our company can investigate for you.

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Topics to protect you from fraud

The Reputable Business Network

 This service provided by the Abernathy Investigative Group includes:

  • Conducting extensive background checks on businesses who want access to our customer base.

  • Approved referrals for  maintain licensing, insurance, certification, liability insurance, and surety bonds. 

  • Any incident of fraud or unfair treatment will be investigated and prosecuted by Abernathy Investigative Group on our customers behalf.